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RIDDLE: A father and his son were driving home after a long day of school and work. In the middle of the road was a bump that the car accidentally ran over, which caused the car to crash into a tree. The father was fine with a minor concussion, but his son was seriously injured and needed surgery. An ambulance took them both to the hospital where the son would have surgery. The father was sitting in the waiting room when the surgeon came in and said, "This is my son! I can't operate on him!" How is this possible when the father is in the waiting room? ANSWER: The boy's mother was the surgeon!
RIDDLE: Mrs. Papadimingston lives on the 37th floor. She has a nine-to-five job that takes her 45 minutes to get to. Every morning at 8:15 a.m., she leaves her apartment, waits for the elevator in the hall, gets in the elevator, and pushes the button for the lobby. She leaves the elevator, exits the building, and goes to work. When she returns from work in the afternoon, she enters the apartment building and pushes the button to call the elevator. She then presses the button for the 22nd floor, and then gets out and walks the rest of the way up to her apartment by taking the stairs. The only time she changes this routine is on rainy days. On days when it rains in the morning, she rides the elevator all the way to the 37th floor upon her return from work. Why doesn't Mrs. Papadimingston take the elevator to the 37th floor every day after work? ANSWER: Mrs. Papadimingston is a very short lady. The highest button she can reach is the 22nd floor button. But on the days when she has her umbrella, she uses it to reach the 37th floor button.
RIDDLE: What is weightless, can only be seen by the naked eye, and if you put it in a barrel, it will make the barrel lighter? ANSWER: A hole!
RIDDLE: You're in a steel box on a deserted island. The box has no windows or doors. All you have with you is a mirror and a potato. How are you going to get out? ANSWER: You look in the mirror and you see what you see; you look away and you saw what you saw; you take the saw and you cut the potato in half. Two halves make a whole, so you jump through the "hole" and you're out! :) :) :)
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