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One of the most important ways to help threatened plants and animals survive is to protect their habitats. National parks, nature reserves, and wilderness areas are places where animals can live without too much interference from humans. It is also important to protect habitats outside reserves, such as on farms and along roadsides.

A. By protecting the places where plants and animals live, people offer a helping hand to endangered species.
B. One of the most important ways to help threatened plants and animals survive is to protect their habitats.
C. This is why we should protect the places where plants and animals live.

The rituals of mummy-making and burial reflected the ancient Egyptians' belief in life after death. Egyptians believed a person had not only a body but a spirit. After death a person's spirit could go on living if it had a body in which to dwell. The body, however, had to preserve the dead person's appearance.

A. Only trained priests could mummify a body.
B. Do you believe that a spirit lives in each mummy?
C. A mummified body fulfilled the requirements for entry into the afterlife.

As you sleep, your mind drifts into a strange world. One minute you might see magical zebras or frightening sharks. The next moment you're in a car that won't stop.

A. Welcome to the world of dreams.
B. You can be frightened even while you're sleeping.
C. This is my report about dreams.

Laughter is a part of being human. Some say that only humans can laugh, although it sometimes appears otherwise. Wild orangutans seem to laugh, for example, but only when they are playing or being tickled. People, on the other hand, laugh for lots of different reasons.

A. Orangutans and people are alike in some ways.
B. This proves that animals other than humans can laugh.
C. Whether or not other animals laugh, laughter is a complex behavior of humans.

Sometimes what makes studying a topic hard is not that the topic is especially difficult or complex, but that you don't feel personally connected to it. Maybe it doesn't reach you emotionally, or you might feel it doesn't touch your life. If you have any of these feelings about the study of Black history, we encourage you to try our Subject Sampler. Instead of getting you to learn a lot of facts on the subject, a Sampler tries to get you connected to the topic in order to find something about it that interests you.

A. There are many reasons why studying a topic may be difficult.
B. Once you care about a subject, it will be easier to learn about it.
C. Now you know why it may be hard to study a topic.

The Greek gods had more power than mortals could even imagine. They could change day to night, turn people into animals, and punish men with eternal torture. Their whims and desires changed the course of human destiny.

A. Most people today consider the stories of the Greek gods to be myths.
B. Such enormous power was feared and respected by those who believed.
C. The stories of the Greek gods are well-known.

Amelia Earhart, an aviation pioneer, disappeared 60 years ago, during her last—and grandest—flight. To this day, there are people searching for the answer to her disappearance. Many theories remain, although most people believe that she died at sea after running out of fuel.

A. Amelia Earhart was a brave woman who disappeared 60 years ago.
B. As long as the true events are unknown, it seems the disappearance will remain a fascinating one.
C. The early days of aviation were filled with daring attempts which were doomed to failure.

No matter how creative, most hairstyles aren't new. The long-and-straight style popular today is one your mother--or father--may have had in the 1970s. The same style was worn by unmarried girls in the Middle Ages--600 years ago.

There will be celebrations welcoming a new century and a new millennium on New Year's Eve 1999 and a year later, on New Year's Eve 2000. The reason is this: Since the Western calendar started with the year 1, the first millennium ended on December 31, 1000, and the second began on January 1, 1001. The second millennium will end in 2000; the third will begin in 2001. But opinion is divided about which is the best year to celebrate.

As strange as dreaming my seem, experts say it is not only normal but also good for you. Researchers have found that people who are prevented from dreaming become anxious and irritable and have a hard time concentrating.