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Mr. Fisher's School Reference
Are you in a hurry? These links may have what you are after:
Progress Report (PowerSchool) Selected Handouts Homework (1st Quarter only)
Action/Adventure Worksheet (2 pages)
- Worksheet to Write On
- MS Word to Type In
- OpenOffice to Type In

Adjective Worksheet
(Finding Adjectives)

Adverb Worksheet
(Finding Adverbs)

All Manner of Verbs (WS)

Apostrophe Chart (Possessives)



Book Club Jobs

Book Review Handout

BPS Home Page

CERS Checklist

CERS Steps

CERS Worksheet
- PDF version (non-changeable)
- Word DOC version (with text boxes)


Classwork (1st quarter)

Core Democratic Values

Compare/Contrast Notes
(Graphic Organizer Samples)

Curriculum Night handout

Daily Work
- ?

Dictionary (

Editing Marks

Email (Outlook)

Email Mr. Fisher

Essay Checklist

Essay Pieces (worksheets):
- Part B

- Part D

Essay Steps

Essay Worksheet

- An Esperanto website

Fact Monster

Fantasy Worksheet

Finding Adjectives

Finding Adverbs

Fun and Games

Grades (PowerSchool)

- Grammar Help Sheet
- Grammar Tips
- Online Quizzes (list)

Graphic Organizers

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Homework (1st quarter)


Kentucky Caves

Language Arts Notes

Learn to Draw

Letter Generator

Mr. Fisher's Website Survey


Nonfiction, Writing about
- Rubric

Novel Sheets
- Action/Adventure
- Fantasy

Numbers (Rules for Writing)

Online Textbook (new)

Online Textbook (old)


Outlook Login

Paragraph Checklist

Paragraph Pieces (worksheets):

- Part B

- Part D

Paragraph Steps

Paragraph Worksheet

Persuasive Writing
(Problem / Solution)
- Prewriting notes and sample
- Rough Draft sample

Plagiarism Handout

Point of View (Voices)

Posssessive Nouns and
Possessive Pronouns
as Adjectives



Progress Reports

Proofreading Marks


Quotation Marks

Restating the Question (assignment with notes)

School Email

Short Essay Checklist

Short Essay Pieces (worksheet):

- Part B

- Part D

Short Essay Steps

Short Essay Worksheet

Short Story Collections

Six Traits: two-page version
Six Traits: six-page version

Spelling List

"Spitball in the Eye" notes

Story Project
- Letter to Parents/Guardians
- Rubric for Project

Student Friendly Scoring Guide:
- Two-page version
- Six-page version


Textbook On Line (new)

Textbook On Line (old)

Thesis-Support Checklist

Thesis-Support Pieces (worksheet),
parts B and D

Thesis-Support Steps

Thesis-Support Worksheet

Time For Kids


Vocabulary Notes

Voices (1st, 2nd, 3rd Point of View)

Watsons Assignment


- Action/Adventure
- All Manner of Verbs
- CERS Steps
- CERS Worksheet
- Essay Steps
- Essay Worksheet
- Fantasy
- Paragraphs, part B
- Paragraphs, part D

Writing about Nonfiction
- Rubric
Writing Project
- Letter to Parents/Guardians
- Rubric for Project

If you are a visually-oriented web surfer, you can search through the information below for school information and other fun stuff. Otherwise, use the list on the left. It contains an alphabetical list of links to the same information.

Are you a student at Berkshire Middle School? If so, you are one of the people I would expect to visit this site. If you are someone else, that's okay, too. Do you want some tips on writing and grammar? That's a main focus of this site. Check out the links at the bottom of this page for help from schools around the country, too.


Perhaps you're looking for a source of writing or grammar tips, or you're hoping to find an up-to-date homework assignment that you neglected to write down. Maybe you'd like information about Berkshire students' published books, or are interested in the records of the trips to Kentucky cave country. This is the kind of data that will be available during the 2016-2017 school year. The "Quick Links On This Site" box (below) will take you to these and other topics.

You can peruse other sites on the web by using the links below. ("Peruse"? What does that word mean? Click here for an on-line dictionary.)

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Quick Links On This Site:

On-line Textbook

There is an old but good online textbook that covers grammar and writing. It's not the easiest to move through, but it's a good resource if you want extra information or practice. Click on the book icon to begin, or go to .


New for 2016!

Just Read It (2016)

Berkshire Middle School
is filled with published authors.

Click a book cover
for more information about
our paperback collections of
short fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Life in L.A. (2015) Read It for the Vine (2014) InstaStories (2013) Like (2012) There's No App for This (2011) There Is No Title - Just Read the Book (2010) No Autographs, Please! (2009) 638 Potential Paper Cuts (2008) Your Title Here (2007) Five Drafts Later... (2006) Stories For Shorties (2005) Tall Tales Gone Short (2004) Got Stories? (2003) Who Says Adults Have to Write All the Good Stories? (2002) Short Stories by Short People (2001)

From Years Gone By:
The Kentucky Cave Trip

Check Out the Web Sites:

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Grammar Help Sheet Subjects and Predicates


Play the "LANGUAGE ARTS MAN" game!

A talented former student of mine, Dan Sills, has allowed me to share some of his work. But first, you must agree not to change any of it or claim it as your own. Also, you must receive permission from the owner of the computer you are using before downloading any files.

If you've done both of those things, here are your options:

Click here to download the L.A. Man game as a .zip file.

Click here to download a .zip file of one of Dan's stop-action films.

Click on the thumbnail picture above to see some of Dan's L.A. Man artwork.



Click here for Guide to Grammar and Writing, a site that will help you with grammar and mechanics. (It was developed for college students; are you up to the challenge?)
(Okay, one puzzle. But there is also a cool link to make your own puzzles.)
Language Arts Notes:

 Restating the Question (assignment with notes)
 Compare/Contrast Notes (Graphic Organizer Samples)
 Paragraph Steps (Short Essay Questions)
 All Manner of Verbs (worksheet)
 Apostrophe Chart (to make nouns possessive)
CERS Steps
CERS Worksheet
 Quotation Marks
 Finding Adjectives
 Finding Adverbs
Worksheet: Second Sentences ("Part B")
Worksheet: Paragraph Endings ("Part D")

Links Elsewhere:

(with more below the chart--keep reading)
Learn to Draw with Gary HarboLEARN TO DRAW
(Really! This will connect you to cartoonist Gary Harbo's page where you can learn to draw a different cartoon character each month.)
To Fact Monster
Fact Monster
(This is a link to The Columbia Encyclopedia and a whole lot more.)

Time For Kids Online
(Click above for the on-line version of the weekly magazine.)
There's more.

Links to other sites:

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